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Alta Bella: A Place for All Seasons

clear.GIF (43 bytes)"None of us found it difficult to grab a book from the home's well-stocked shelves, drag a chair into the shade of a tree and, in  my case, pretend to read. I found it difficult to stay focused on the page when just beyond my toes lay that remarkable vista."

--Excerpted from article by the Travel Editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, reprinted with permission of the Philadelphia Inquirer, April 11, 1999. (Click here to read the entire article)

Situated on a high hillside, the house have sweeping western views towards the sunset, including distant farms, olive groves, the local parish church, and looming castle fortresses in a landscape largely unchanged since medieval times. A particularly Italian composition--made familiar in countless Renaissance paintings--this landscape is simultaneously wild and cultivated, changing color and quality throughout the year.


The houses offer unusual vacation opportunities for all seasons. In spring, the hillsides are covered in wild roses, cherry and plum blossoms, scotch broom, and blazing red poppies in the green grain. By late June, the fields of wheat turn yellow-gold, alternating with large expanses of big-faced sunflowers and tasseled corn, cherries and plums available for the picking. By August, the grapes are turning color on the vines, olives and figs are ripening, and the cooler nights start to turn the oak leaves gold and red. Autumn is the season of truffles, porcini and other varieties of wild mushrooms, warm brilliant days of indian summer and nights in front of the fire. Winter is lovely for its surprising blue skies inter-mixed with blustery storms, startling sunsets, and the scarcity of tourists in the cities and towns. In all seasons, the hillsides are alive with wildlife and birds-rabbit, fox, boar, pheasant, cookoos and whipoorwills. Because of their height and protected location, the houses enjoy a favored climate, cool in the summer, yet cozy and temperate in the colder months. Reasonable off-season rates.


Year Round Recreation and Vacation Opportunities

Apart from the artistic riches offered by nearby hill towns, a variety of year-round recreational opportunities exist for those who wish to mix culture with outdoor exercise and personal exploration.

       The Alta Bella Houses have a luxurious 18 by 7 meter swimming pool. You can also swim in Lake Trasimeno or use the community pools in the local towns, for a small daily fee.

       Biking. Top quality mountain and racing bikes are available for rent in Perugia and Umbertide.

       Guided hiking tours focused on local history, such as the battle site where Hannibal and his fabled elephants conquered the Romans near lake Trasimeno.

       Unguided hiking on marked and unmarked trails located within easy distance of the houses.

       Guided or unguided trips to Deruta (famous center for Italian ceramics), Torgiano (wine museum & wine tasting), Anghiari (textiles and local crafts), Montlacino & Montepulciano (wine tasting), Pienza (specialty local foods), Perugia (Perugino Chocolate Factory) and many others.

       Public Tennis courts for moderate hourly fee in nearby towns.

       Horseback riding.

       A new 18 hole golf course, designed by Robert Trent Jones, open to the public.

       Yoga, massage and body work with licensed instructor.

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